GrassRoots ambition is to demonstrate to our clients and external stakeholders that Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) is integral to how we work. We will not compromise on our ESG commitments in order to achieve our financial, project, and service objectives.

Douglas DiSanti is the Founder and Managing Partner of GrassRoots Advisory, which was formed in 2019. GrassRoots investment strategy has been focused on acquiring public companies and repurposing them to focus on environmentally sustainable practices. Mr. DiSanti has traveled to several different continents and across the United States in search of the best companies, technologies and management teams who share the same core values as our organization and who are committed to being ESG companies.

Beginning in 2019, GrassRoots acquired its first public company. GrassRoots worked alongside management to repurpose its focus on sustainable practices in the energy space. This included the acquisition of revolutionary technologies which are positioned to reshape the energy space.

Over the following two years, GrassRoots Advisory, acquired six other public companies with a focus on creating a complementary eco-system focused ESG firms through Mergers and Acquisitions. The industries these companies cover range from education, sustainable farming, energy, food and beverage, entertainment, medical and innovative technologies.

GrassRoots Advisory in late 2021 partnered with a firm that provides blockchain solutions, ICO services and equity crowdfunding. GrassRoots assists companies in filing Reg CFs, Reg A+, S-1 and Form 10s. Reg CFs are tailored toward companies looking to raise their seed round and Reg A+/S-1 offerings are structured for companies raising A or B rounds of funding.

Prior to forming GrassRoots in 2019, Douglas spent over a decade in the commercial real estate industry working for some of the largest banks. He served as an Underwriter, structuring in excess of $1 Billon dollars of multi-family, retail, office, mixed-use, co-ops and construction loans. He also served as a Portfolio Manager with a diverse holdings of commercial real estate loans in excess of $1.5 Billion.

Mr. DiSanti left the corporate world in 2017 and started his own company with a focus on three pillars power, water and food. The company was an international diversified fund that acquired technologies from the Netherlands, South Korea and the United States. The goal of the fund was to provide clean power, water and food through innovative technologies. The goal was to provide these solutions to some of the poorest countries in the world with the hope of reducing poverty levels and providing sustainable jobs for the locals. The company went public in 2019 through a reverse merger.

Douglas currently serves on various boards and advisory boards. Douglas graduated from The College at Brockport, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and also earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Texas A&M – Commerce.

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