United Energy Corporation

United Energy Corp. (OTC:UNRG) is a diversified oil and gas producer based in Plano, TX with a 50-year history in the energy, manufacturing, and mining industries. The Company’s corporate directive includes exploration, development, production, technology and storage. Holdings include assets and operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana. United Energy owns or has operations in over 250,000+ acres of leasehold, 3,200+ wells, and 1,100 miles of natural gas pipelines. They strive to respect, safeguard, and revere the environment and communities by adhering to strict standards of health and safety.

Neon Bloom

Neon Bloom, Inc. (OTC: NBCO), doing business as Bazelet Health Systems, Inc. (“Bazelet”), holds the exclusive license to grow in the United States a patented zero-THC, high CBG Cannabis sativa L plant, which received United States Patent No. PP32,725 on January 5, 2021. The patented plant, which was named PAN2020, is remarkably high in Cannabigerol (CBG) with undetectable levels (zero percent) of both Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). To meet the anticipated worldwide demand for PECSA, Bazelet grows the patented plant in North America, Europe, with South America, and the Middle East coming online in 2023. Processing and distribution facilities are located in the US and Europe.

Transnational Group

Transnational Group, Inc. (OTC: TAMG), is a software and technology company using artificial intelligence to build content. The Bokoo TV OTT platform (a product of Transnational Group, Inc.) will offer an affordable TV like experience with hundreds of live channels and On Demand available on the wed, mobile device apps, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung and other prominent smart TV platforms targeting and genres of content and focused not only on English language but content focused on the diaspora populations globally i.e. Indian, Russian, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese etc. in their native languages, first in North America and then globally. The total diaspora population in North America now approaches 60 Million people led by these countries; regions of origin – India, Mexico, Russian, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines followed by Central/South America rest of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Creating our own Bokoo channels both in English and in other native languages and partnering with both content creators, content owners and aggregators who will manage their own branded channels to upload and control the content, programming and look and feel of their the Bokoo TV platform will be able to get to scale across the ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, Chromecast, IOS and Apple TV platforms.

Bounce Mobile Systems

Bounce Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC: BNCM), is an asset management and consultancy company. BNCM manages the assets or shares of companies it currently owns. BNCM currently owns assets and or shares in various companies involved in asset management, education, franchise, healthcare and technologies. These companies are located and registered in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and in the USA. BNCM also provides consultancy services to companies seeking to quote or list on the OTC or NASDAQ markets, in partnership with experienced and qualified auditors, accountants, attorneys, brokers, market makers, etc. The growth of these companies will directly provide more employment opportunities to the communities, improve the economy of the country, and bring greater social change to humanity.

RINO International Corporation

RINO International Corp. (OTC: RINO), is a publicly quoted company seeking to merge with other entities with experienced management and opportunities for growth in return for shares of our common. The company is currently evaluating potential mergers which would provide value for current shareholders.


APEX, engages in the development, manufacture, operation, and integration of the Apex Vertical Growing System, a high density vertical growing system for both commercial and residential use. The Apex Vertical Growing System grows fresh, nutritious, and leafy green vegetables in an “A” frame design vertically arranged for easy harvest. The patented hydroponic system can accommodate a wide diversity of plants, including vine, root, flower and greens. The Apex farming system is scalable for uses in a small household garden or a large commercial farming operation. The product can be operated in any suitable environment and will reduce water usage by over 85%. Our technology allows the customer to grow up to 10 times more product per square foot to that of traditional outdoor soil farms.

Vortex Estate Fund

Vortex Estate is a Multi-family portfolio with operations focused in 5 states, tailored toward low income families. We strive to provide a place that fulfills its promise of equal housing opportunities; that shows the rest of the world how to adapt and prosper in an age of rising seas and temperatures; and a global hub that harnesses its immense resources and innovative talent to make an easier, healthier and more affordable place to live and work.

Chestnut Hill Ventures

Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC (Chestnut Hill) invests both its own capital as well as working in partnership with a select group of family offices, high net worth individuals and non-traditional sources of capital. Chestnut Hill also acts as an advisor to early stage and middle market companies. In addition, Chestnut Hill has partnerships with several Crypto exchanges and Crowdfunding platforms. Chestnut Hill focuses on companies interested in listing on a crypto exchange as well as tokenizing illiquid assets, such as real estate, art, stable coins and NFTs

7P Capital

7P Capital, LLC is a privately-owned investment banking firm dedicated to the small-cap public markets. Our culture of success and innovation is driven by our current principals. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, we treat our employees and clients like family. Our culture is based on valuing individual talents and finding ways that we can work together and build on everyone’s strengths. 7P is primarily focused on M&A, LBO’s and private to public market listings. The firm provides valuation, corporate finance and quant/qual integration strategies to our clients.

HYQC Investment Holding Company

HYQC Investment Holding Company (OTC: HYQC) current business plan is to seek business opportunities or to engage in a business combination with another company. The analysis of new business opportunities will be undertaken by or under the supervision of the Company’s management team. The company is focused on finding a profitable company that is an active contributor to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. Our management team values sustainability and profitability for our shareholders.

Visible Music College

I serve on the Advisory Board for the Customer Experience Certificate Program. Visible Music College launched in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000. Their focus as a creative Christian community is bigger than any single church or artist. We believe music is important in the world and the Church. We believe creative Christians have an enormous impact as leaders in culture and developing the Church globally. Because of this, we create and partner with intimate, intentional artist communities throughout the world that emphasize training and higher education around five key concepts: global kingdom of God, spiritual transformation, professional experience and leadership, academic fidelity to the Word, and the visible way of hospitality.

SeeMedX, Inc.

I am an investor in SeeMedX which provides a health monitoring device for patients suffering from chronic heart problems. The company has developed patented technology that has the ability to predict heart attacks by monitoring Electrical Bioimpedance and Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance. The system has the ability to measure the CO, Heart Rate, and respiration of a patient. The company has several patents and pending patents that protect this unique intellectual property.

Stonewood Hill Holdings

Stonewood Hill is a premier destination studio, housing a film academy and sound stages with state-of-the-art virtual production technology and multi-purpose studio space. The Academy at Stonewood Hill provides specialized training in both on set practical applications and virtual production. They answer the cinematic demand for technology, training, and film production infrastructure.

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